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Buckthorn's Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Buckthorn also known as Rhamnus frangula is shrub or small tree, a genus Rhamnus, belonging to the family Rhamnaceae, native to the subtropical Southern Hemisphere in Africa and South America. It has been used in traditional medicine to treat Constipation, hemorrhoids, increase increase urine flow and to purify the blood, etc.

Health benefits
1. Anti-cancer
Extract of the seeds of Rhamnus frangula L. had exerted the activity of against the P-388 lymphocytic leukemia in mice as a result of isolation of aloe emodin, according to the study of "Tumor inhibitors. 114. Aloe emodin: antileukemic principle isolated from Rhamnus frangula L" by Kupchan SM, Karim A., posted in PubMed(1)

2. Colon enhancer
Anthranoids found abundant in Buckthorn activate the colon immune system by inducin the alterations in cellular shape and organelles consistent with increased metabolismmay, these may be as aresult of result of an interaction between apoptotic epithelial cells and the lamina propria cellular infiltrate, coording to the study of "Anthranoids and the mucosal immune system of the colon" by Geboes K, Spiessens C, Nijs G, de Witte P., posted in PubMed(2)

3. Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity
Buckthorn contains measurable amount of anthranoid aglycones of which had demonstrated the notable antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, by activating the immune sytem fighting against forming of free radicals and foreign invasion of virus and bacteria, according to the study of "Anthraquinone profile, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of bark extracts of Rhamnus catharticus and R. orbiculatus" by Locatelli M, Epifano F, Genovese S, Carlucci G, Koncić MZ, Kosalec I, Kremer D., posted in PubMed(3)

4. Constipation
Anthranoids and glycosides, two chemical compounds found in a measurable amount in buckthorn exhibit a lower systemic availability than anthraquinone O-glycosides, intreating constipation, according to the study of "Metabolism and pharmacokinetics of anthranoids" by de Witte P., posted in PubMed(4)

5. Liver protection
Emodin, a chemical compound found in buckthorn had demonstrated the activity of protecting the rat liver from CCl(4)-induced fibrogenesis by inhibiting HSC activation, according to the study of "Emodin protects rat liver from CCl(4)-induced fibrogenesis via inhibition of hepatic stellate cells activation' by Dong MX, Jia Y, Zhang YB, Li CC, Geng YT, Zhou L, Li XY, Liu JC, Niu YC., posted in PubMed(5)

6. Obesity and cholesterol
Sea buckthorn, a genus Hippophael, belonging to the family Elaeagnaceae had significantly reduced visceral fat, and decreased hepatic triglyceride and cholesterol concentrations and lipid accumulation, according to the study of "Anti-visceral obesity and antioxidant effects of powdered sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) leaf tea in diet-induced obese mice" by Lee HI, Kim MS, Lee KM, Park SK, Seo KI, Kim HJ, Kim MJ, Choi MS, Lee MK., posted in PubMed(6)

7. Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissures
The chemical compound of anthraquinones in Buckthorn Bark softenss the stools and allow them to pass more easily and without causing irritation to any present hemorrhoids or anal fissures, according to the article of "Buckthrone' bark", posted in Purisat Digest wellness center(7)

8. HIV-1 ribonuclease H activity
Anthraquinones, a chemical compound found in buckthorn has exerted the inhibition of the HIV-1 RT polymerase and integrase activities in biochemical assays according to the study of "Inhibition of HIV-1 ribonuclease H activity by novel frangula-emodine derivatives' by Tatyana K, Francesca E, Luca Z, Giovanni F, Cheng YC, Ginger ED, Enzo T., posted in PubMed(8)

9. Anti fugal Activity
Methanol extracts and the major anthraquinone aglycones, alizarin and emodin, of Rubia tinctorum and Rhamnus frangula in comparison with the antifungal activity of the anthraquinone-containing lichen Caloplaca cerina are report, according to the study of "Antifungal activity of Rubia tinctorum, Rhamnus frangula and Caloplaca cerina" by Manojlovic NT, Solujic S, Sukdolak S, Milosev M., posted in PubMed(9)

10. Etc.

Side effects
1. Buckthorn can interaction with digitalis and digoxin (Lanoxin) and others medications used to treat irrgular heartbeat.
2. Overdose may cause abdominal pain or discomfort for some people.
3. Do not it if you have digestive disorder
4. Always consult with your doctor, if you are pregnant or breast feeding
5. Anthranoid laxative abuse may result of Colon Cancer, according to the study of "Anthranoid laxative abuse--a risk for colorectal cancer" by Siegers CP, von Hertzberg-Lottin E, Otte M, Schneider B., posted in PubMed(a)

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